Elmex toothbrush beginner


SKU: 7717698 Elmex toothbrush beginner

indications: toothbrush of intitiation for children from 0 to 3 years.

Regular dental care starts as soon as the first tooth of milk.

Elmex beginner toothbrush, designed to meet the needs of young children, was developed by searching Elmex for environmentally friendly cleaning and care of milk teeth.

1. flexible strands at the rounded ends meet the gums and clean effectively and softness. 2. The yellow strands facilitate the determination of toothpaste that must be the size of a small pea on the recommendation. 3. The small head, covered with a non-traumatic material is specially adapted to the mouth of little children. 4. The ergonomic handle scientifically tested has been designed for the hand of the child and to allow parents to well to guide brushing.

Agrees perfectly with the child Elmex toothpaste.