Elmex Solution dental Junior 400ml

The Solution dental Junior, is used in addition to brushing for effective protection against caries.

Manufacturer: Elmex

SKU: 8987180 Elmex Solution dental Junior 400 ml


the Solution dental Junior is the solution for a perfect oral hygiene of your children.

elaborated at base of fluorine, the laboratories Elmex formula strengthens the enamel of the teeth and makes them more resistant. In addition to a daily brushing this dental solution to reach areas difficult to brush with a simple toothbrush and promotes the prevention of caries. The dental Elmex Junior Solution is advised and adapted to persons wearing rings or orthodontic appliances.

Elmex Junior Solution dental tips:

one to two times per day. Do not swallow. Does not replace brushing your teeth after every meal. It is recommended to regularly consult a dentist.


aqua, glycerin, sorbiol propylene glycol, olaflur, sodium benzoae, peg-40 hydogenated castor oil, aroma, potassium acesulfame, soium fluoride, sucralose, hdochloic acid.