Elmex Sensitive toothpaste Double Pack 2x75ml

Sensitive Elmex toothpaste that provides optimal protection for sensitive teeth is.

Manufacturer: Elmex

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SKU: 8993988 Elmex Sensitive toothpaste Double Pack 2x75ml


Elmex laboratories have put all their expertise at the service of sensitive teeth. They have developed the Elmex Sensitive range. Amines Olafluor fluoride, it effectively and gently protected sensitive teeth. Amines Olafluor fluoride is a central element in this toothpaste which will allow the teeth of being less assaulted by the sensation of warm or cold. He formed lasting protection that will allow to prevent the various painful feelings due to excessive tooth sensitivity. At the same time its particles gently clean the teeth. Finally amines Olafluor fluoride helps promote caries prevention.

its formula allows to impose Elmex Sensitive toothpaste as a landmark of specific toothpaste for sensitive teeth daily protection.

this product contains 2 tubes of toothpaste Elmex Sensitive 75 ml each.

operating tips:

do not use in children less than 7 years. regular tooth brushing 2 or 3 times a day prevents the proliferation of bacteria and thus the occurrence of caries.