Elmex Sensitive toothpaste 100ml

Rich in fluorine, this offers protection and care for sensitive teeth toothpaste.

Manufacturer: Elmex

SKU: 8994074 Elmex Sensitive toothpaste 100 ml


Under the effect of age, our gums retract, which laid bare collars. dental In the absence of protection of the gums and enamel, dental crown is sensitive to external stimuli and is subject to decay of the dentin to the dental neck level. if gums retract, the part of your normally protected teeth, dental Crown is bare and more vulnerable. In this case, different stimuli such as cold, heat, touch or acidity can cause pain. in addition, caries may develop more rapidly on these bare collars.

indications Elmex Sensitive 100ml:

Toothpaste Elmex Sensitive has been specifically developed for the care of sensitive teeth and the protection of snares dental denuded. fluoride of amines Olafluor, active principle which enters the composition of the toothpaste form a protective film on the dentin, which protects certain stimuli painful. amines Olafluor fluoride also promotes the prevention of decay of the collar. Elmex Sensitive toothpaste cleans all smooth thanks to its specific abrasive agent , which erodes not collar dental.