Elmex Sensitive Profesional Solution dental 400ml

Protective dental solution for sensitive teeth and collars dental bare.
Manufacturer: Elmex


SKU 4070925 Elmex Sensitive Profesional Solution dental 400 ml


your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold. You can no longer eat ice. Elmex dental Solution is formulated for sensitive teeth and dental crowns stripped. It protects teeth against caries of the collar and the hypersensitivity. the solution is on the channels leading to the nerves to block sensitivity. regularly use the dental solution Elmex forms a protective barrier, it relieves sustainably. Its fluoride content protects your teeth from caries.

Elmex Sensitive Solution dental tips:

  • use 20 ml solution
  • rinse for 30 seconds and spit, don't swallow
  • use preferably 2 times a day morning and evening