Elmex Sensitive Extra soft toothbrush

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Brush extra soft toothbrush. Bare dental crowns and hypersensitive teeth.

Almost one person in four has bare dental snares or hypersensitive teeth. Due to the unpleasant sensation of irritation, the persons concerned often reduce their oral hygiene and thus expose themselves to the risk of caries by the collar.

But the danger to put dentin bare also comes from improper technique of brushing or tooth brushes too harsh which might damage the hard dental substance. New elmex Sensitive toothbrush has been specially developed to meet this problem.

Its ultra-flexible tapered bristles clean bare particularly dental crowns smooth and nevertheless thoroughly. Due to the special arrangement of setae, which are tipped in two areas of the brush head, it eliminates the plate until far in the interdental spaces. The excellent elmex Sensitive toothbrush cleaning effectiveness is scientifically proven.

In a study, she showed a significantly higher cleaning efficiency until far in the interdental spaces than a brush toothbrush by reference to flat bristles field.

Elmex Sensitive toothbrush has also proven its superiority during the review of the efficiency of cleaning of dental Crown thanks to its better removal of plaque on tooth surfaces.

Handling of the new brush is also compelling: coated bristles of a soft material protects hard and soft mouth against injury and reached fabrics without problem posterior molars and the inner faces of the teeth due to its optimal size.

Ergonomic handle and the soft thumb provide a guiding course and facilitate the application of the recommended for bare teeth brushing scanning technique. With its properties, elmex Sensitive toothbrush meets the expectations of consumers for a toothbrush to dental crowns stripped, that combines qualities of gently with a high cleaning efficiency.

operating tips:

Good dental hygiene, to brushing teeth 2 minimum twice a day (morning and evening).


Hair soft plastic.

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