Elmex Protection Caries toothpaste 75ml

SKU: 6370376 Protection Elmex toothpaste 75ml Caries

indications: toothpaste fluoride amines olafluor. Dental Hygiene. Prevention of caries. adult and child at the onset of the first permanent teeth. fluoride of amines is laying down on the enamel of the teeth to make it more resistant to attack by acids: -promotes the prevention of dental caries in adults and children age 7. -Combat plate at the level of the gums and teeth using a careful brushing. operating tips: regular brushing after every meal. This product contains a fluorinated derivative. Consult your dentist. Composition: amine olafluor 1250 ppm F, excipients qsp 100% fluoride. formula INCI: Aqua, hydrated silica, sorbitol, hydroxyethylcellulose, olaflur, aroma (Mint), Titanium dioxide, saccharin.