Elmex and toothbrush child 3-6 years


SKU: 4676102 Elmex and toothbrush child 3-6 years

indications: soft toothbrush for children 3 to 6 years.

The child starts brushing alone around the age of 3.

To assist, Elmex research has developed the child Elmex toothbrush. Its handle specially designed for children, thanks to its full grip, encourages it to brush their teeth properly while having fun.

1. flexible strands at the rounded ends provide a clean efficient and smooth teeth milk. 2. The area of yellow strands can adjust the amount of toothpaste necessary according to the recommendations of dentists. 3. The small brush head is specially adapted to the mouths of children. 4. Developed in collaboration with experts, the ergonomic handle facilitates guidance is suitable for all grip practised by children.

Agrees perfectly with the child Elmex toothpaste.