Elixir of Swedish drink Spiritueuse Digestive 35 cl (17.5% vol)

digestive drink reduced alcohol and composed of 59 components of natural origin,

Manufacturer: Laboratoires St-Benoît

SKU: 7017653 Elixir of Swedish drink Spiritueuse Digestive 35 cl (17.5% vol)


Laboratory St. Benedict offers the digestive drink of the great of Swedish bitters. The Elixir of Swedish is known for centuries. Long ago the herbalists use theriac for its bitter flavor.

This digestive drink helps to facilitate the elimination of toxins and thus purify your body to give back it tone and well being. It thus helps digestive comfort.

operating tips:

take 1 teaspoon, 1 to 3 times daily, diluted in a hot or cold drink.

it is advisable to take Grand Elixira every change of season, and after a too heavy meal.

shake well before use.

do not exceed recommended doses.


water, alcohol, angelic, Manna, rhubarb, Senna, zedoary, camphor, carline, myrrh, saffron, Aloe, Venetian aromatic vegetable substances.

17.5% vol.


keep out of reach of children.

colourings or artificial preservatives.

drink lighter alcohol.

alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.