Elimax shampoo Anti lice and slow 100ml

A shampoo that effectively eliminates head lice and nits.

Manufacturer: Elimax

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SKU: 6119908 Elimax Shampooing Anti Poux Et Lentes 100Ml


Shampoo lice & nits ELIMAX is a 3 in 1 anti-lice treatment: it cleans, removes and protects.

Indeed, its exclusive patented formula Elimax is an oil that keeps the lice remotely and its cleansing base eliminates impurities of the scalp and the hair.

Lice & nits ELIMAX shampoo contains a LPF factor that makes hair hostile lice in three ways: neutralization of the charge of the hair, so that lice spend less easily from one head to the other.

Odor that repels lice, but feels good to us.

Texture of the unfavourable hair which lice avoid the treated area and no deposit not their eggs.

Lice stop.

directions for use:

Apply and distribute the shampoo on dry hair. Then wash hair.


Oil oligodecene, foaming agents, LPF (sesame oil, acrylate copolymer), fragrance.

Without insecticide composition allows to safely, to kill the lice and nits by smothering and desiccating carapace.


Bottle 100 ml