Elimax Lotion Anti lice and slow 100ml

A lotion to hunt and handle quickly the lice and nits.

Manufacturer: Elimax

SKU: 6119883 Elimax Lotion Anti Poux Et Lentes 100Ml


Elimax Lotion, the first lice that removes and protects the lice and the nits.

This lotion kills lice and nits, but in addition, it keeps the new lice remotely.

Indeed, its special formulation makes the less attractive surface of hair for lice.

Effective in 15 minutes, it is not necessary to keep the product in the hair for a long time or sleeping with.

directions for use:

Use the applicator to spread the lotion.

Apply and spread the lotion on dry hair.

Perform a little massage from the roots to the tips focusing on the area of the neck and behind the ears.

Leave to act for 15 minutes without cover.

Wash hair with a gentle shampoo regular.

Then comb the hair with the comb anti-lice.

Dry hair with a towel.

Check the hair 7 days after.

In the majority of cases, a single treatment is sufficient.

Otherwise, repeat.


Oil oligodecene (sesame oil, acrylate copolymer), LPF, perfume. Without silicone, without insecticide, hair rinse easily.


Bottle applicator 100ml