Elimax lice comb

Preserves your child an infestation with lice development. Learn more
Manufacturer: Idim Pharma
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SKU 8147926 Elimax Peigne Anti-Poux


Looking for effective treatment against lice?

ELIMAX laboratories offer their comb anti-lice.

This accessory allows to combat lice, their larvae and their eggs. Thanks to its teeth, this comb effectively eliminates these parasites, even the most resistant.

It respects the scalp and not attacking the skin.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle, it ensures a good grip.

directions for use:

First wet the hair and then brush them to remove any nodes.

Then separate them with bits and brush them using the comb anti-lice ELIMAX from the root down to the tips.

Remove the comb the lice and nits between each strand.


1 comb

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