Elgydium Gel Toothpaste for Kids 50ml

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Elgydium Gel Toothpaste for Kids 50ml works great for Caries Protection and also provides effective protection for the milk teeth of children from 2 to 6 years of age by providing a dose of fluorine adapted to the needs of this age (250 ppm fluorine ions). Enhanced protection of the enamel of the milk teeth against caries. Soft, non-abrasive cleaning base for gum and enamel compliance. 


Daily hygiene of teeth.

Directions for use

Make sure your child uses same quantity as the size of a pea. It is recommended to brush your teeth after each meal.


This soft, non-abrasive toothpaste gel contains fluorinol, amine fluoride (Pierre Fabre patent), which quickly and intensely attaches to enamel to help strengthen and protect teeth from siliglycol.


50ml tube

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A. Anonymous
  the 07/11/2018
5/ 5
I'm using now for my baby too.Quality product, above supermarkets products.