Elgydium toothbrush luminescent hard

Luminescent toothbrush lasts adult narrow head and synthetic strands.
Manufacturer: Pierre Fabre Oral Care
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SKU 7647058 Elgydium toothbrush luminescent hard


hard luminescent creation of laboratories Elgydium toothbrush is a toothbrush for adults.The toothbrush hard luminescent creation has a narrow oval head topped with synthetic strands at the rounded ends. This Elgydium toothbrush hair perfectly match the rounded shape of the mouth. The toothbrush hard luminescent creation has a broad and curved handle for a better grip.This Elgydium toothbrush combines aesthetic and practical. The handle of the toothbrush hard luminescent creation is luminescent material.It is equipped with one protects head matching.

operating tips:

to use for brushing your teeth after every meal. Brush your teeth 2-3 minutes.

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