Elgydium toothbrush Kids aged 2-6 Limited Edition Monster

Toothbrush specially adapted to children: strands finely rounded head guard, handle for small hands

Manufacturer: Elgydium

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Elgydium toothbrush 2-6 years old Kids Limited Edition Monster


Elgydium Kids toothbrush 2-6 years Edition limited Monster is a toothbrush that is specially adapted to children:

  • Its finely rounded blades meet the teeth and gums
  • His head guard allows optimal hygiene
  • Its handle is suitable for the small hands of children.

The end of the handle attaches to the tile or the mirror by a vacuum system, in order to keep the right brush.

Using advice:

It is recommended to brush your teeth three wrinkling per day.Use a toothpaste suitable for children.


Oral hygiene for children 2 to 6 years.