Elgydium shine and care 30ml

Toothpaste cure anti-stain - polishing bamboo - mineral silica silica - Remineralizing fluorinol 1400ppm

Manufacturer: Elgydium

SKU: 9731780 Elgydium shine and care 30 ml


Thanks to its specific and highly polishing, Elgydium shine and care formula removes residual stains (coffee, nicotine, red wine) and polishes the tooth surfaces while respecting the email. tooth surfaces appear more smooth and more brilliant. Elgydium shine and care contains an original association of silica mineral and vegetable for an effect polishing optimum everything smoothly , as well as the Fluorinol, patent Pierre Fabre, which is fixed intensely on the email to help strengthen and remineralize it. minty taste gives you a pleasant sensation of freshness. in order to ensure the effectiveness of the formula, the foaming power of Elgydium Shine and Care has been reduced in order to potentiate its effect polishing. operating tips : use 2 times per week after the meal instead of his toothpaste usual. Elgydium Shine and Care can be used after cleaning dental professional. Elgydium Whiteness may extend the benefit of the Elgydium Shine and care Care.