Elcea Coloration permanent Brown copper N5.4

expert coloring, hair white, dress and long lasting gloss cover

Manufacturer: Elcea

SKU: 9968683 Elcea Coloration permanent Brown copper N5.4


A natural color, a color formulated without ammonia, no resorcinol No paraben. This permanent staining in all cover white hair from the first application while respecting the nature of hair pleasantly fragrant, this care has been specifically formulated to regenerate your hair and make your color brighter enriched milk of Hibiscus that stimulates the hair fiber and UV filter, this treatment regenerates, conditioning and revitalizes your hair your color is bright and natural soft and manageable , your hair shine intensely and are brilliant health.


Easy to apply, it does not flow and the applicator allows a uniform distribution on all the hair from roots to tips.


  • a bottle of milk developer 80 m
  • a tube of cream of light 40 m
  • a care conditioner Hibiscus 20 m milk bag
  • operating instructions
  • a pair of gloves and two covers branches for glasses

This coloration contains no PPD but components present in this product can cause allergic reactions for people allergic to PPD.