Elastoplast Waterproof Elastic bandages box of 40

water resistant bandages and leaving the skin breathe

Manufacturer: Elastoplast

SKU: 5369359 Elastoplast Waterproof Elastic bandages

Properties Elastoplast bandages Elastic Waterproof:

Elastoplast has designed these new dressings whose resistance to water is very important and provides optimal wound protection.

Dressings are developed in 3 separate parts:

- the upper part is an elastic fabric specially adapted to dry quickly,

- the central part is a waterproof membrane to keeps the wound dry while leaving the skin breathe,

- the part less adhesive.

Tips for using Elastoplast bandages Elastic Waterproof:

apply the dressing on the wound previously disinfected.

These dressings are designed for superficial wounds and not suitable for deep wounds or burns.

content Elastoplast bandages Elastic Waterproof:

40 dressings Elastoplast box contains various formats of dressings:

- 8 dressings of 65 mm x 30 mm

- 32 dressings of 65 mm x 21 mm