Elastoplast tape Adhesive elastic 8 cm

Band hypoallergenic peacekeeping and contention

Manufacturer: Elastoplast



SKU: 4555232 Elastoplast tape Adhesive elastic 8 cm

Properties : Tape hypoallergenic peacekeeping and restraints avoiding the maceration of the skin. governing use: . clean and dry the area to be treated, . cut the desired length, . peel off the protective film and apply the band. Composition : cotton and polyamide with woven edges, longitudinal elasticity greater than 40%. Adhesive that is made of zinc oxide, is covered with a protective film sheet polyethylene. caution: . do not use in maximum voltage when the tape is applied in a circular manner around a member. . do not use in case of vascular disorders or oedema. packaging: 8 cm x 2.5 m