Elastoplast Contention Cohesive 3.5 m x 10cm white band

Maintenance of dressings sprains, tendonitis and phlebologies
Manufacturer: Elastoplast


SKU: 2124700 Elastoplast tape of Contention Cohesive white 3.5 m x 10 cm

Properties: cohesive contention band allows a reliable and durable restraint both in traumatology and phlebology. Auto-adherente: -removed without pain, -adheres on-itself without sticking to the skin. adjustable and constant elasticity at the time: -, relaxes -can remain in place for up to 7 days, -following the reduction of the edema. convenient and comfortable : -structure airy, -retains its properties in contact with water, -repositionable and reusable. operating tips: light Restraints to average in : maintenance: -splints and accessories, maintenance -fixation of dressings. trauma: -traumatic edema, -tendonitis, -mild sprain average for ankle and wrist, -relay rigid restraints, -injuries muscle. Phlebology : -varicose ulcers, -functional venous insufficiency, -varicose veins, -ambulatory phlebectomy, -post thrombotic disease, -suite of surgery. Contains latex. 3, 5 M x 10 CM