Elancyl Cellu Slim Anti-Cellulite 200ml rebel

Smoothing visible dimples and refined silhouette. Thinning proved as early as 7 days
Manufacturer: Elancyl
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SKU 9940093 Elancyl Cellu Slim Anti-Cellulite 200 ml rebel

Properties: cellulite characterized by fats of different sizes, for some very entrenched and difficult to dislodge. -enable and amplify the destocking : Cecropia and caffeine, a combination unique ultra-destockante. His "fat-cutting" action, promotes the degradation of all types of fats, even the most resistant for efficiency boosted. extract of Apple tree branches, cumulate, reduced the installation of new fat. That derived from the Sichuan Pepper limit the recurrence of new fat cells for efficient sustainable. -firming and beautifying the skin : Le Lierre, active from natural origin, strengthens the elasticity and skin firmness. It effectively stimulates the synthesis of elastin and Collagen fibers and protects their flexibility. He accompanied the physiological drainage and helps release the tissues of water in excess. this gel-cream to light, fluid texture, subtly perfumed, background instantanneement on the skin. Skin is moisturized, fresh, soft and supple. Your skin is smoother, more tonic and elastic. operating tips: Daily, to apply Cellu Slim on each thigh, hip, buttock, circular massage, in the direction of the needles of a watch. Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening.