Edenens water micellar in 400ml water blooms

Micellar water - clovers of water - lily white - sensitive skin

Manufacturer: Edenens

SKU: 9781772 Edenens water micellar flowers of water 400 ml

This pure, crystalline micellar water, gives skin the sweetness of the flower of water for a cleansing while delicacy. Freed from impurities, the skin breathes and regains freshness original. its valuable assets : the White Lily soothes and softens the epidermis. Le Trfle of water protects the skin from external attacks a plant active reproducing an agent moisturizing naturally present in the skin helps maintain moisturising optimal. extract Phyto-native brings cells essential nutrients (peptides, amino acids, minerals...). beauty ritual : apply with a cotton on the face and eyes. Renew if necessary.