Edenens purity Exfoliating cream floral 75ml

Exfoliating cream to the Camellia - all skin types

Manufacturer: Edenens

SKU: 9778304 Edenens purity Exfoliating cream floral 75ml

This Exfoliating creamy texture cream exfoliates the skin with an exquisite sensation of softness. Enriched with fine pink pearls, this treatment activates cell renewal and frees the pores to reveal a grain refined. The skin surface is magnified, the complexion found its brilliance natural. its valuable assets : Camellia oil nourishes and softens the epidermis. Jojoba pearls eliminate dead cells and impurities. extract Phyto-native brings cells essential nutrients (peptides, amino acids, minerals...). beauty ritual : make a scrub 1-2 times a week on the face and neck perfectly cleaned. apply on wet skin to dry and sensitive skin or dry skin for combination skin to fat by avoiding the contour of the eyes. massage lightly in circular movements with emphasis on the middle zone , then rinsed.