Edenens pulp invigorating 30ml

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Gel cream paches and circles - White Lily

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SKU: 9772885 Edenens pulp invigorating 30ml

This pulp Vivifiante is a veritable energizing cocktail to wake up the look by reducing dark circles and puffiness. Combining the freshness of a gel and smoothness of a cream, texture penetrates instantaneously. imperceptible scientillantes powders capture the light to smooth and unify the skin. its valuable assets : a lily white complex acts on cutaneous microcirculation to energize the contour of the eye by decreasing the volume of pockets and the color of the ring. active greenhouse "second skin" protected the epiderne of external attacks extract Phyto-native brings to the cells essential nutrients (peptides, cartoons, mineral acids) beauty ritual : Apply morning and evening on the contour of the eyes softly from the inside to the outside of the eye.