Ecrinal nail fortifying ANP 10ml cream

Stimulating effect on the shoot and the general condition of your nails.
Manufacturer: Ecrinal
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SKU 7215904 Ecrinal ANP 10 ml restorative cream

indications: regenerates the nail and stimulates its growth. nails brittle, thin, bloodless, gnawed. Ecrinal cream Fortifiante to ANP moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the nail. It promotes flexibility and strength, stimulates its growth. Its formula vectored to the PNA and the Methiosil allows the slow and controlled release of nutrients essential to the nail.

operating tips: perform a daily 2 to 3 months cure application. Remove the cream on the surface of the cleansed nail and massage until complete penetration. A nail varnish, apply to the lunula and the edge of the nail.