Ecrinal coral Pearl 6ml nail care

SKU: 6379093 Ecrinal care of nails coral Pearl 6 ml

Properties Ecrinal coral Pearl nail care:

recognized by professionals for its comprehensive care for nails, Ecrinal laboratories have developed this oil camelia and silk protein product.

Indeed, these 2 components provide hydration, nutrition and protection.

Moreover, the reinforcing action limits the splitting of the nail.

Its colorful hue sublimate all your outfits throughout the year.

Finished the different layers of care and varnishes bunk, Ecrinal Care protector of nail coral Pearl replaces the protective care.

operating tips:

place the varnish from the bottom and upwards towards the outside of the nail. It is recommended to apply it to the middle of the nail and then the rated.

Varnish must be disposed on the dry and clean nail.


this care must be used within 12 months following its opening.