Eafit Veinosvelt Drink 500ml traffic

Veinosvelt Drink traffic decreases the sensation of heavy legs and improves blood circulation.

Manufacturer: Eafit

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offers the sports nutrition laboratory Eafit Veinosvelt Drink traffic. This flavor red fruit drink, promotes the microcirculation of vessels, decreases the sensation of heavy legs while eliminating water and toxins from the body.

Veinosvelt Drink movement Actions:

extract of sweet clover improves blood circulation. This effect is enhanced by the combination of extracts of witch hazel and Red vine that promote better resistance of the capillaries. Centella asiatica extract participates in skin collagen renewal. hawkweed and Meadowsweet extracts facilitate the elimination of water and toxins. Grape extract possesses antioxidant virtues beneficial daily.

operating tips:

to drink in the morning. Shake well before using. During the 7 day activation phase, pour 30ml of Veinosvelt in a large glass of water. During the phase of maintenance of 14 days pour 20ml in a large glass of water