Eafit Shape Expert reshaping firming 120 tablets

Shape Expert is a dietary supplement that tones and reshapes your figure.

Manufacturer: Eafit

SKU: 2124775 Eafit Shape Expert reshaping firming


Shape Expert has clinically proven efficacy, it firms and reshapes your figure. Its patented active ingredient promotes the burning of calories, tones muscle tissue and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which has an effect on the skin.

composition of Shape Expert reshaping firming:

Shape Expert remodelling firming was formulated with patented, mate extract that demonstrated by a clinical study a net decrease in the rate of body fat in the body. This action is reinforced by the extracts of guarana and green tea association.

the L-arginine and glutamine are two amino acids for the synthesis of the proteins necessary for the strengthening of muscle tissue.

extract of collagen, fibrous structural protein that enters the composition of the DermIS can restore the elastic properties of the skin.

extract of centella asiatica acts in synergy with collagen. It stimulates production and helps redensify the skin also limiting the appearance of cellulite.

chromium is an essential micronutrient for the regulation of the metabolism of fats and sugars

association of powerful antioxidants (complex co-enzyme Q10, vitamins E, B6 and selenium) facilitates cell renewal that decreases with age.

operating tips:

take 2 tablets twice a day (morning and noon) at the time of the meal with a large glass of water.