Eafit Ripped Max Ultimate 120 tablets + Ripped Max Gel Abdos 200ml

Toning supplement and gel for a reinforced fat burning action 
Manufacturer: Eafit


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Ripped Max Ultimate 120 tablets:


Specially formulated by experts in a sports nutrition laboratory while being tested and approved by top level athletes, the new Ripped Max Ultimate has a reinforced, formula more concentrated than ever.


  • With a fat burning action, the Burn Activ complex 800mg is composed of caffeine, green tea and theobromine titrated from cocoa. Green tea acts directly on the thermogenesis (heat production). This action is reinforced by capsaicin (the active ingredient in pepper) which increases body temperature and therefore fat burning.
  • Acts on sugars, thanks to chromium's role in the metabolism of sugars.

Recommended Use:

It is recommended to take 4 tablets per day in 2 doses. Ideally, 2 tablets with meals with a glass of water.

Ripped Max Gel Abdos 200ml:


This ABS Ripped Max Gel is designed specifically for the reduction of abdominal fat. With a targeted toning action, it is easily to apply with a cool feeling. This fat burning gel firms tissues and sculpts your body. It leaves the skin fresh, soft and non-oily, along with a pleasant minty scent. 


  • Thanks to its high concentration of caffeine, associated with green tea and guarana, this gel accelerates combustion and the elimination of the most stubborn fat in the abdominal belt area.
  • Formula with a base of liposome of Centella asiatica combined with ivy which helps improve toning and firmness of the skin and promotes drainage for enhanced slimming action.
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