Eafit Pure HMB 120 tablets

Pure HMB of Eafit is a dietary supplement, it promotes muscle development and fat mass loss.
Manufacturer: Eafit


SKU 9700029 Eafit Pure HMB 120 pills


HMB is a derivative of Leucine, one of the three acids Amines Branches essential BCAA. It should be noted that HMB is naturally present in the human body and that it can be produced by the body in small quantities, from ingested Leucine. Found generally in some rare foods in their natural state for example: grapefruit, fish and corn.

Pure HMB of Eafit actions:

various scientific studies conclude that Pure HMB allows to accelerate the making of mass and strength. It promotes fat loss, improves muscle recovery, helps combat catabolism and stimulates collagen production.

operating tips:

take 4 tablets a day with a glass of water, preferably during meals divided into 2 Sockets. During a month, spaced 15 days minimum, by starting this program 2 weeks before a period of intense bodybuilding.

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