Eafit Protisoya protein vegetable taste vanilla 750g

Protisoya protein plant of Eafit is a complete snack rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, it preserves muscle tone and vitality during a slimming regime.
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SKU 7710928 Eafit Protisoya vegetable protein taste vanilla


you want to lose weight while keeping the form and practice a sporting activity. Protisoya protein plant is your ally slimming. Good taste vanilla is a complete snack rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibres. It contains soy protein and is suitable for vegetarian diet.

shares of Protisoya protein vegetable taste vanilla:

this full snacks helps you lose weight thanks to its content in soy protein. Participates in the maintenance of your shape and vitality to the daily. Strengthens your muscle tone in a regular sport activity. Brings fibres of vegetable origin, essential to the perfect digestive balance.

operating tips:

take a snack per day, the lunch or dinner with vegetables at will as well as a fruit. Protisoya can also be used as a snack, in lieu of the usual snacks.

operating instructions of Protisoya vegetable protein:

prepare your snack by pouring 200ml of water or soy milk in a shaker add 1 pod and a half of powder and stir until smooth and creamy preparation.

1 snacks 1 pod and dem ie =