Eafit Milk & Egg 95 + Muscle dry taste vanilla 2.2 kg

Milk & Egg 95 + maintenance muscle mass among sportsmen.

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SKU: 8100695 Eafit Milk & Egg 95 + Muscle dry taste vanilla 2.2 kg


Milk & Egg 95 + allows to optimize decision-making and the maintenance of muscle mass. its formula combines 3 sources of high biological value protein:

  • For a protein intake calcium caseinate
  • Whey protein isolate obtained by ion-exchange chromatography
  • egg white protein.

This association of protein helps protein synthesis muscle optimal. the new formula Milk & Egg 95 + is highly dosed in proteins with more than 84% of protein, low in sugar and fat, and provides also 22g of BCAAS per 100 g of protein.

indications Milk & Egg 95 + vanilla 2.2 kg:

athletes confirmed level seeking to maintain the integrity of their muscle volume either as part of intense muscular activity, is to optimize their lean mass rate.

operating tips:

Mix 300 ml water for 1.5 pods. it is recommended a daily average protein intake (meals) 1.5 g per kg body weight, which can go up to 2.5 g / kg of body weight in case of intense muscular stress. Take 1 to 2 shaker/day as a snack between meals and in the evening at sunset.