Eafit Gainer Max plug mass taste vanilla 2.9 kg

Gainer Max facilitates muscle mass for the novice athlete or confirmed.

Manufacturer: Eafit

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SKU: 8100691 Eafit Gainer Max plug mass vanilla 2.9 kg


Laboratory Eafit experts put all their experience at the service of beginner level athletes to confirmed, who wish to develop their physical performance. Gainer Max was specifically rewritten for beginner athletes to confirmed wishing to take muscle mass. its new formula contains 74% carbohydrate and enjoys complex carbohydrates (MALTODEXTRIN) and simple sugars (fructose). its formula, low in fat, combines 3 sources of protein (proteins from whey, egg white protein) and calcium caseinate conferring a particularly comprehensive aminogram for a gain of muscle mass its formula to make 21 g of BCAAS) Essential amino acids) per 100 g of protein.

Indications Gainer Max ground vanilla:

average nutritional information per 100 g:

  • energy value: 371 kcal (1577 kJ)
  • lipids: 0.6 g of which saturates: 0.4 g
  • carbohydrates: 74.3 g of which sugars: 44.3 g
  • fibre: 1 g of which inulin: 0.4 g
  • protein: 16.7 g - salt: 0.650 g.