Eafit Fat Regul slimming Active 90 tablets

Fat Regul of Eafit is a fat burner and favors the reduction of contributions coloriques.
Manufacturer: Eafit


SKU 2122836 Eafit Fat Regul Active slimming


Fat Regul of Eafit participates in burning fat and promotes a decrease of caloric. It has an action burn fat which acts directly during digestion.

Fat Regul is thanks to several components:

a lipophilic fibre concentrate, derived from the nopal, decreases caloric intake linked to fat eaten during meals.

green tea empowers "blocks fat" through the inhibitory effect of combustion and the elimination of lipids.

chromium, is an essential trace element that regulates the metabolism of fats

Tips for using Fat Regul slimming Active:

take 3 tablets twice a day, afternoon and evening before meals with a large glass of water. Fat Regul can take more purposefully before a rich meal.

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