Eafit Drain drainer Drink Detox detoxifying 500ml

Drain Detox Drink is a double drink draining and detoxifying action.
Manufacturer: Eafit


SKU 4475042 drain drainer Drink Detox detoxifying


thanks to its 17 plants, Drain Detox Drink flavor fishing helps reduce excess water, contributes to the elimination of toxins, while helping to increase Thermogenesis and fat disposal.

shares by Drain drainer Drink Detox detoxifying:

marietitre in sylimarin Thistle extract detoxifies the liver. Boldo, the fumitory, fennel and Angelica, contribute to a better digestion and improve the functioning of the intestinal tract. Quack grass, dandelion, Birch and the Meadowsweet facilitate renal excretion and limited water retention. Witch Hazel and Red vine contribute to improving circulatory tone. The association of extracts of green tea, guarana and mate help the fat burning and their destocking.

operating tips:

to drink in the morning. Shake well before using. During the 7 day activation pour 30ml of Drain Detox Drink, in a large glass of water. During the phase of maintenance of 14 days, pour 20ml of this drink in a tall glass of water.

drain detox Drink is also recommended to prepare the body for a slimming programme.

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