Eafit Amino Max Pro 3S 375 amino acid capsules

SKU: 8001004 Eafit Amino Max Pro acids Amines 3 S 375 capsules


Amino Max Pro was developed by the laboratory Eafit, Amino Max is designed to promote muscle growth by increasing intake protein daily. Amino Max Pro combines energy (such as vitamin B6) and antioxidant co-factors with vitamin E, zinc, selenium with 3 different protein sources: casein, protein from whey concentrate , and the protein of egg white. The proteins stimulate the synthesis protein. These amino acid peptides favours muscular ground.

Amino Pro Max operating tips:

The training days, take between meals 3-5 tablets with a full glass of water, twice daily. It is recommended per day an average protein intake (meals) of 1.5 g per kg body weight which can reach 2 g in case of intense muscular stress.


Amino Pro caters to novice athletes to confirmed.