Eafit 100% Whey Isolate taste lemon 750g

Whey Cratine Eafit participates in the muscular development of the top athletes.

Manufacturer: Eafit

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SKU: 9971372 Eafit 100% Whey Isolate taste lemon 750 g


Whey Cratine is made with 100% isolate . it guarantees you a maximum content of ingredients purified proteins. The mode of extraction used to obtain an isolate to the exceptional nutritional qualities, thanks to the conservation of all micro-fractions of milk (glycomacropeptide and other substances stimulating). The aminogram is also more comprehensive than with other modes of extraction. it contains high BCAA (24.7 g per 100 g of protein) levels. Whey Creatine Pure Isolate Premium contributes to muscle development. Energy intake, the explosive force and the development of the muscles are also accelerated thanks to the creatine.

indications of Whey Creatine Pure Isolate Premium:

this product is recommended for athletes confirmed level to expert, seeking extreme muscle development and a maximum anabolism while limiting the appearance of tissue adipose and any sport wishing to benefit from the direct association whey + creatine.

operating tips:

without shaker, pour a pod and a half then 250ml of water, stir and enjoy. It is recommended a daily average protein intake (meals) of 1.5 g per kg body weight which can reach 2 g in case of intense muscular stress.