EA Pharma GMax Taurine+ concentrate of energy taste Orange 30 ampoules

GMax Taurine + energy concentrate increases your physical and reduces the sensation of fatigue performance.

Manufacturer: EA Pharma

SKU: 4526012 EA Pharma GMax Taurine+ concentrate of energy taste orange


EA PHARMA laboratory has developed GMax Taurine +, a new formula complete with no sugar added that helps to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

actions of Taurine GMax + energy concentrate:

GMax Taurine + combines extracts of plants, the Royal Jelly and Taurine. the Ginseng promotes the general tone of the body and stimulates physical and mental performance. the Guarana has stimulating and restorative properties. It brings caffeine promoting vitality, sense of well-being and energy. vitamin B6 helps to reduce fatigue.


for a quick effect take 4 bulbs in the morning for 5 days, diluted in a glass of water. To maintain your shape take 2 bulbs per day morning for 5 days.