EA Pharma GMax jelly Royal concentrate energy honey/vanilla 30 ampoules

GMax Royal Jelly you restores tone and vitality when tiredness.
Manufacturer: EA Pharma


SKU 4787534 EA Pharma GMax jelly Royale energy concentrate


Ea Pharma, specialist laboratory in nutrition therapy, developed the GMax: Royal Jelly, a food supplement that brings ultra action strengthened to help invigorate the body quickly, in the short, medium and long term.

GMax Royal Jelly strengthens the immune system and reduces fatigue. It associates of Royal Jelly, honey and acerola.

GMax jelly Royale energy concentrate Composition:

Royal Jelly helps to strengthen the body long term to find tone and vitality to the daily. It derives its composition of pollen and nectar ingested by the bees. It has anti-bacterial properties. Produced to feed the Queen throughout her life, Royal Jelly has stimulating and toning properties, and promotes emotional balance.

honey allows energy supply in the medium term without grease.

little more commonly known as acerola cherry of the Mexico is the fruit with the C vitmaine most in the world.

operating tips:

for a 10-day cure take 2 bulbs per day and 4 ampoules per day for 5 days 5 days with a full glass of water.

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