Dulcosoft laxative soft 10 bags

SKU: 7393250 Dulcosoft Laxatif Doux 10 Sachets


Dulcosoft is a macrogol base medical device used for the symptomatic relief of constipation and for the softening of hard stools.

Dulcosoft is suitable for adults and children from 8 years, pregnancy and breast-feeding (it is advisable to ask your doctor before use), in people with diabetes (the powder does not contain sugar), in patients having a diet food low in sodium, the product is gluten-free, aroma.

directions for use:

Unless otherwise directed by the physician, the Dulcosoft recommended dose for adults and children 8 years and older is 1 to 2 sachets per day to be dissolved in a drink, preferably taking only once morning.

Children less than 8 years old should not use this product.

You can adjust the recommended dose above according to your individual needs: it can go from 1 outlet per day to 1 every 2 days.

The appropriate dose is the lowest dose that produces regular stools.


1 bag of 10 g of powder contains 10 g of macrogol 4000


Box of 10 sachets