Dulcogas taste Mint 18 sachets

Dulcogas helps find intestinal comfort. Learn more
Manufacturer: Boehringer


SKU 5368377 Dulcogas taste Mint 18 sachets


Dulcogas is a medical device made from simeticone, a well-known molecule of the medical profession. The simeticone promotes the breakdown of intestinal gas bubbles. It helps to limit intestinal gas, he fought the bloated feeling and helps prevent flatulence. nice to take with its mint taste.

Dulcogaz tips:

the maximum daily dose is 6 sticks. Dulcogas must be taken at mealtime or thereafter, and, if necessary, before bedtime. put the granules on the tongue, let dissolve them with saliva and then swallow simply. for children from 6 to 14 years, 1 Stick 3 times per day maximum spread over the day. In children older than 15 years and adults take 1 to 2 sticks 3 times per day

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