Ducray Squanorm shampoo dandruff oily 200ml

Dandruff shampoo that permanently removes fat dandruff and normalizes sebum secretion

Manufacturer: Ducray

SKU: 9557721 Ducray Squanorm - shampoo dandruff oily 200ml

Properties: Squanorm oily dandruff shampoo assets have been selected to act effectively on all the factors responsible for the films fat. the Kertyol, complex patented, from searching for the Ducray dermatological laboratories, is a keratoreducteur which allows also to calm quickly and durably scratching and redness. To loosen the adherent scales, Squanorm oily dandruff contains salicylic acid, active keratoreducteur recognized, as well as an anti seborrhoeic specific: extract Sabal serrulata. It is directly at the level of the mechanisms responsible for Seborrhea and delays the regreasing of hair. the base washer of Squanorm films fat and enriched piroctone olamine Sanitizer. It allows perfectly clean the hair and scalp, to give back them shine and health. operating tips: apply, leave for 3 minutes, rinse. Renew the operation. Rinse thoroughly. Use 2 times per week for at least 6 weeks. It is advisable to use alternating or relay Elution shampoo suitable for leather vacuums weakened. Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening.