Ducray Melascreen SPF50 + rich 40ml cream

Limit and reduces hyperpigmentation related to the Sun
Manufacturer: Ducray
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SKU 6320674 Ducray Melascreen sunscreen SPF50 + 40 ml

Overview :
very high Protection.
limit and reduces hyperpigmentation of the face related to the Sun
Conditions watertightness.
without perfume.
a photoprotector system optimal and resistant to water.
chemical filters are associated with organic screen as much specific and tailored for optimal U.V. protection photostable hyperpigmentation.
this complex organo-filter ensures a wide spectral coverage UVA/UVB especially effective on long UVA thanks to the presence of Tinosorb M. (report UVB/UVA < 3)

Indications: dry skin

operating tips :
Tube with pump-metering for accurate metering and Protection optimal.
before any exposure to the Sun, apply the recommended dose. 4 to 5 doses of cre

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