Ducray Joanie HD 15ml

Cream nourishing and restorative lips. Lips cracked and damaged.

Manufacturer: Ducray

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SKU: 4860981 Ducray Joanie HD 15 ml

indications: -cream lips nourishing and restorative. -chapped lips and damaged. this treatment superfatting (containing liquid paraffin, microcrystalline waxes, and vitamins E and F), nourishes and repairs the parched lips and damaged. jonathan puts them away from cold "bites", protects them from the drying effects of certain dermatological treatments and sun.

its cream form allows an action protective and restorative intense. Perfectly tolerated, without fragrance, texture rich and blanket, Joanie is used directly on the lips through her tube applicator. the preventive and curative of Joanie efficacy has been demonstrated in patients receiving drug treatment desiccant resulting from dry lips, chapped in more than 90% of cases.

tips to use: apply to lips as often as needed.

composition: vitamin E and F 2%, 69% mineral oil, complex component film forming filter UVA/UVB 2% 2%, filter UVB 6%.