Drawn vanilla Patchouli


SKU 7843279 drawn vanilla Patchouli

Drawn is recommended for clean up and scenting the atmosphere of the House.

These granules for vacuum cleaners eliminate directly in the bag 100% of dust mites and bacteria. Rejected by the cleaner air is delicately flavoured and sanitized.

Packaged in a single dose of 60g bottle. Drawn offers a choice of 12 fragrances with natural essential oils: Lavender. Vanilla-Patchouli. Eucalyptus. Lemon. BlackBerry. Mimosa. Cinnamon-Orange. Cedar. Grapefruit-vanilla. Lily of the Valley. Acacia. The Green-Jasmin.

1 dose = 1 bag = 1 month of use.

Put a new vacuum cleaner bag. Pick up the grains contained in the vial with the vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming and leave drawn.