Drainer green health Nature 5 Emunctories 500ml

Drainer Nature 5 Emunctories contributes to the elimination of fat and weight maintenance.
Manufacturer: Santé Verte


SKU 2068255 health green drainer Nature 5 Emunctories


The Drainer Nature 5 Emunctories of the Green health laboratories is an oral solution of 18 active ingredients selected to promote detoxification of the body in several steps.

Is a dietary supplement drink, bringing the Chlorella for detoxification of the body, and the elderberry for its slimming action.

drainer Nature 5 Emunctories indications:

this oral solution 500ml, or a 12-day detox program contains no sugars and aromas artificial. take a plug of 40ml per day, to be diluted in a glass of water or a bottle of water for the whole day.