Dolpic Strip joint special wrist


SKU: 8511024 Dolpic Strip joint Special wrist

Properties Dolpic Strip joint Special wrist:

this band has been specially designed by Dolpic to provide natural heat to relieve joint pain in the wrist. This heat system is often used in rheumatology and is recognized for its high efficiency.

Auti-heating compresses are developed to heat for 8 hours.

Tips for using Dolpic band joint Special wrist:

Put the articular band on the wrist by positioning the openings on the top or bottom (depending on the area of pain).

Then place the self-heating compresses into the opening.

It is necessary to wait 30 minutes after the installation of the band and compress before feel an effect.

capacity Dolpic Strip joint Special wrist:

1 band articular wrist

1 self-heating compresses