Dolpic Compresses Auto-Chauffantes box of 6

Compresses auto-chanffantes relieving muscle and joint pain
Manufacturer: Pharm Up


SKU 8511027 Dolpic Compresses Auto-Chauffantes box of 6

Properties Dolpic Compresses Auto-Chauffantes:

Dolpic has implemented various bands to use avxc compresses to relieve joint and muscle pain. The reusable bands must be accompanied by the compresses to eliminate and to effectively relieve pain.

Indeed, providing 8 hours of heat, this ets system recognised to be effective especially in rheumatology.

These compresses are compatible with all kinds of strip proposed by Dolpic Labs only (knee, ankle, elbow, neck, wrist...).

use Dolpic Compresses Auto-Chauffantes boards:

Compresses should be placed in the bands specially adapted to these openings.

You must wait 30 minutes once the compress installed to feel heat.