DoDie sterilization tablets cold 32 tablets

Sterilizing cold feeding bottles and teats.

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Dodie sterilization tablets cold box 32


Sterilizing cold feeding bottles and teats.

The first months your baby's immune system is not yet fully formed. The fragility of her digestive system makes it particularly sensitive to external aggressions. This is to protect the most possible, at least up to 4 months, recommended sterilization.

Dodie offers you a simple and quick process which does not require any particular device: cold sterilization. A very effective principle which ensures a health and optimal safety.

Sterilization of bottles and teats is done in 30 min after previously cleaning.

Once the Tablet is dissolved, the solution remains active 24 hours.

Operating tips:

- Wash and rinse bottles and teats before each use.

Place a tablet of sterilization in a container with a lid with cold water. As soon as the Tablet is dissolved, the bath is ready for use, it remains effective for 24 hours.


1 tablet = 2.5 litres of water = 3 bottles + 3 nipples

2 tablets = 5 litres of water = 6 bottles + 6 teats

- Immerse bottles and teats in chasing all the air bubbles.

-Before preparing the bottle, wash you hands thoroughly and remove bottles and teats at the time of their use.

. You can prepare the milk for the baby directly after sterilization, if the bottle has been drained. If you still want to rinse it, you can, using mineral water and preparing the bottle just after.

- You can add within 24 hours following feeding bottles or teats after cleaning, they will be sterilized within 30 minutes.


Dichloroisocyanurate of Na 500 mg, qsp one tablet.