DoDie shells breastfeeding box 4

To collect milk even losses in case of irritation or crevices.
Manufacturer: Dodie


SKU 7929845 DoDie shells breastfeeding box 4

Protection of nipples nipples or aching between two feedings.

news breastfeeding protects DODIE nipples silicone shells protect your cracked or sore nipples keeping them dry.
they collect the possible leakage of milk between feedings and avoid stains on your clothing.

perfectly studied for your comfort, nursing shells have holes that allow air to circulate freely. Away from moisture and friction of the cloth, the nipples heal so quickly.

thanks to their anatomical and discrete form, nursing shells meet the shape of the breast and fit perfectly in the BRA. Before giving the breast, you can ask the shell near you. The stability bar, discrete under clothing, to put the filled shell of milk without spilling it.

operating tips:
-before use, sterilize the 2 parts of breastfeeding hot shells (15 minutes in boiling water) or cold.
-assemble the membrane soft silicone to the rigid shell.
-slide between your breast and your BRA, your nipple in the center hole of the membrane for a good hold on the breast.
-the vents of the shell must be positioned upwards so that air flows into the shell.
-before giving the breast, you can ask the shell near you. The bar located on the shell stability allows that it remains stable, once asked. Thus, the milk collected will not be overthrown.

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